Ukraine will continue to be pumped with money. The cunning people have already established a system of “laundering” and took foreigners to share


March 08, 2023, 01:13

Politician Klintsevich said that the special operation does not prevent the Ukrainian elite from “laundering” money

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The anti-corruption system in Ukraine, built with the help of Western elites, has recently been subjected to serious criticism. Even the United States has already recognized this problem. The leader of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans, a former member of the Federation Council committee on defense and security, Franz Klintsevich, noted in an interview with 360 that a money laundering scheme has been established in Ukraine. Foreign specialists consistently receive their share, and public discussion of the corruption issue is just talk.

What follows is his direct speech.

Conflict is not a hindrance to a bygone people

The West is already accustomed, starting from [президента США Джо] Biden, when he was Vice President of the United States, that the Ukrainian elites are quite serious about money. At the same time, they do not hesitate to receive dividends, forming schemes in which, allegedly legally, American officials in another country receive monetary rewards. For the current Biden-led administration, this is not a novelty. As for the latest events, taking into account the allocation of funds and their control, a lot of serious work is being done there – they are all instructed.

At the same time, for you to understand, control is carried out by officers, as a rule, in uniform, located on the territory of Ukraine. But Ukrainians are cunning people.

RIA News”

At one time, back in my youth, I didn’t even fully understand this saying, but I heard in the Belarusian village, when some kind of assessment was given, everyone said: “Well, when we talk about a Ukrainian, the saying for centuries sounded like this: when a crest was born, a Jew was crossed. That was it. I did not really understand all these things in my youth. And now, already at a respectable age, I begin to realize, to realize, looking at how the guys form their “family” budget, how they use the situation in this case. The special operation is not a hindrance here. But we have already said more than once that even a highly authoritative, honored person as commander-in-chief [украинской армией Валерий] Zaluzhny even has a serious “laundering” system.

All foreigners share

I think that all the foreign specialists who come in share, otherwise they would have stopped this long ago. So this is talk. Everyone is involved in this process. special operation will continue, it (Ukraine – ed.) will be pumped [оружием].

And as far as money is concerned, given the way the financial system of the United States is built, regardless of those debts, Americans will print as much as they need. The power of law enforcement agencies and the economy of the United States so far allows such provocations to be carried out and military operations to be organized. They still intend to organize at least two armed conflicts. Well, and so, slightly chiding, not to pay attention to the total corruption that exists in Ukraine today, at this difficult time for their country.

So don’t worry about them, they’re fine there. They are all in business, they know what they are doing. Well, to scold a little, to bring it into some kind of public plane – it’s like, as we say, “a conversation for the prosecutor.” And so it will continue. Pity them.


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