Ukraine stopped printing blank passports — EADaily, June 1, 2023 — Politics News, Ukraine News

The Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, Mikhail Shmatov, said that there was a failure at the printing plant “Ukraine”, which centrally prints international passports.

This was reported in the afternoon, May 31, by the Ukrainian “Strana”. According to the diplomat, because of this, none of the passports issued by Ukrainians living abroad after the beginning of March has yet been printed.

“This situation is in all embassies and does not depend on us,” the consul complained.

That is, we are talking about the fact that Ukrainian citizens living abroad cannot get their already issued passports. Thus, they end up on the territory of foreign countries with expired documents and can be deported.

For all the men who have gone abroad, such a meeting with their homeland means conscription into the army, which has again thinned out from the losses incurred.

The agency writes that in the evening of the same day, Mikhail Shmatov refuted own statement about the failure at the polygraph plant “Ukraine”. According to him, the information he distributed earlier turned out to be unverified.

True, the refutation turned out to be somehow strange, since the consul said that passports are not being printed now. That is, there is no failure, but passports are still not printed.

“The company is operating as usual, I will inform you about the restoration of the seal and the receipt of passports,” – Shmatov completely confused everything.

The Ukrainian publication tried to clarify the situation at the Ukraine printing plant itself, but they refused to answer a question about the cessation of printing passports.

“We do not provide any information, as we work under an agreement with the Foreign Ministry. If there are problems with passports, contact the consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for information about this, ” – said at the printing plant.

But numerous Ukrainian publics rushed to comment on the situation. Basically, everyone agrees that we are really talking about the fact that Ukrainians who fled the war are thus “squeezed out” from Europe home.

At the same time, almost no one doubts that “unprinted” passports can still be obtained from embassies and consulates. Well, of course, only those who can part with a couple of thousand dollars.

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