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Ukraine refused to negotiate the export of grain across the Black Sea


Ukraine did not participate in the negotiations on humanitarian corridors for the export of grain through the Black Sea, said Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Markiyan Dmitrasevich. He added that when transporting grain through the Black Sea, there may be security problems. Earlier, Bloomberg sources reported on a preliminary agreement between Russia and Turkey regarding the export of grain by sea.

“About green humanitarian corridors from the Black Sea, I can say that Ukraine did not participate in such negotiations, and even if we established such corridors, the security situation could be unpredictable in this region,” Mr. Dmitrasevich told MEPs via video link (quote on “RIA News”).

Markiyan Dmitrasevich also pointed out that Ukraine is facing delays in transport of export grain at the borders with the European Union (EU) due to bureaucratic procedures and limited opening hours of border checkpoints. Mr. Dmitrasevich suggested organizing additional border checkpoints on the border with the EU to receive agricultural products.

The Deputy Minister also said that there is no threat to food security in Ukraine, since the country produces enough food. At the same time, Ukraine may face the problem of storing a new grain crop in autumn, Markiyan Dmitrasevich noted. According to him, a shortage of grain storage capacities is expected.

Speaking about possible options for transporting their grain, the Ukrainian authorities previously announced the existence of two transport corridors and the discussion of a third one. Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Senik said that the authorities managed to lay two routes for grain export through Poland and Romania. Regarding the third route, Kyiv is negotiating with the Baltic countries.

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