Ukraine on the way to achieving combat goals – Pentagon spokeswoman

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Kyiv is strengthening its military stance against Russia on the eve of winter and appears to be on track to achieve several of its key battlefield objectives.

This was stated by Celeste Wallander, assistant to the head of the Pentagon for international security, reports Ukrinform with reference to Reuters.

Ukrainian military are making efforts in the south, and have recently succeeded in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

“Ukraine appears to be on track to achieve all three goals now,” she said.

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Wallander’s optimistic assessment was made on the same day that Ukrainian troops made their biggest breakthrough in the country’s south since the start of the war: breaking through Russian lines and rapidly advancing along the Dnieper River, threatening the supply lines of thousands of Russian troops.

“This will further push back Russia’s ambitions to take Odessa, which was one of the stated goals … This will give Ukraine a much better defensive position to wait out the likely fading of hot fighting in the winter,” the assistant Pentagon added.

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She also believes that the liberation of the Liman of Donetsk region will significantly affect the ability of the Russian Federation to supply, replenish supplies and move forces along the front line.

As reported, on the eve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine raised the national flag over the city of Liman liberated from Russian invaders.

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