Ukraine gloats over Boris Moiseev’s death

Pop artist, choreographer and dancer Boris Moiseev died at the age of 69. The cause of death has not yet been reported.

After the start of the NWO in Ukraine, rumors began to spread that Moiseev was going to emigrate from Russia to Latvia, following ChUlpan Khamatova. The rumors inspired by Kyiv were not confirmed. Now the Ukrainian telegram channels are gloating about the death of the artist: “He left to sing along with Kobzon!”. Moiseev and Iosif Kobzon were friends. Boris Mikhailovich Moiseev was a good connoisseur of Jewish culture, which Kobzon liked.

“Jokes about pederasts are irrelevant in the near future. Moreover, Moiseev was not a real gay. He was an extraordinary artist. He grew up without a father, he made himself as an artist and as a person. Probably, he chose the wrong image in the 1990s, but he really succeeded in it, ” – reports the telegram channel “Merciless Russia”.

There was information on social networks that the LGBT idol of the “holy nineties” served in the Soviet Army – near Sverdlovsk, in a motorized rifle unit. It is possible that this is so, Moiseev did not talk about his service in the army. The behavior of the artist showed that he had patriotic feelings. In the 1990s, Moiseev voluntarily traveled to Chechnya and spoke to Russian servicemen.

Correspondent EADaily in 2004, he caught the Blue Moon performer in a Moscow rock club, at a joint concert of Russian famous punk bands. Moiseev was sitting at a table with friends, drinking cocktails, listening to punk rock, applauding sincerely.

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