Ukraine conducted the first operations for the counteroffensive

Podolyak disclosed information about the first operations as part of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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The Ukrainian military began the first operations to prepare a large-scale counteroffensive. About it in an interview British newspaper The Guardian Mykhailo Podolyak, Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine, said.

He stressed that this process will take more than one day and it is not yet possible to name the exact day and hour when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go on the offensive.

“The intensity will increase, but it will take quite a long time,” Podolyak said.

A couple of days ago, an adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had already launched a counteroffensive and carried out several operations within its framework. According to him, these are multidirectional actions along the entire line of contact.

The official added that Kyiv will use the Western weapons transferred to it to conduct military operations only in those territories that it considers its own. He did not fail to call on the allies to transfer F-16 fighters to Kyiv to “block the airspace.”

Earlier, a political scientist, a leading researcher at the Quincy Institute in Washington, Anatol Lieven accused the White House of being on the side of Kyiv, ignoring US demands. In particular, we are talking about the attack of the DRG in the Belgorod region, which was not agreed with Washington.


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