UK to send aircraft carrier group to Indo-Pacific

The Royal Navy carrier strike group will return to the Indo-Pacific region in 2025, four years after the first voyage there, according to a press release published on the official website of the British government.

“The (UK) Carrier Strike Group will return to the Indo-Pacific region in 2025 after its first voyage to the region in 2021,” – said in a statement that refers to the words of the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunaka.

The release states that on May 18, Tokyo and London will agree on the “Hiroshima Accord”: a new global strategic partnership in the field of economy, security and technology.

It is also noted that Sunak will announce a doubling of the number of British military personnel who will participate in the upcoming joint exercises.

Previously, the British Navy’s aircraft carrier strike group, led by the newest and most advanced aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, was on a 28-week voyage in May 2021, during which it first called at the ports of India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. During this time, she conducted joint exercises with the armed forces of Japan, the United States, South Korea and India. In July of the same year, the aircraft carrier sailed through the South China Sea.

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