U.S. to Tighten Export Controls on Semiconductors and Gas Turbine Technology

Controls on the export of semiconductors and technologies for gas turbine engines will be tightened in the United States. The corresponding document is published on the website of the US Bureau of Industry and Security (.pdf)

“The Department of Commerce is reviewing the list of controlled exports to expand control over four technologies. These changes reflect certain control measures taken by governments participating in the Wassenaar Arrangement (concluded among 33 countries.— “b”) on control over the export of arms, dual-use goods and technologies,” the document says.

The move extends to technologies that use gallium oxide and diamond because “devices that use these materials greatly increase military capability,” the Commerce Department said in a statement.

Export controls will apply to ultra-broadband conductors, software for the development of various integrated circuits, as well as technologies for gas turbine engines.

Earlier, on August 9, US President Joe Biden signed the Semiconductor Support Act, providing $52.7 billion in subsidies and tax incentives to US companies engaged in research, development and production of these products.

Julia Abugalieva


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