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U.S. Senate upholds measure to prevent railroad strikes


U.S. senators back resolution preventing rail strike

A resolution aimed at forcibly preventing a nationwide railroad strike was supported by the US Senate. This was announced on December 1 by the press service of the upper house of Congress.

David Siqueiros.  Strike

David Siqueiros. Strike

The legislative initiative involves the approval of a preliminary agreement between trade unions and employers in order to prevent a nationwide railroad strike. 80 senators voted for the adoption of the document, only 15 legislators opposed it. Now the document will be sent to the President of the United States for consideration. Joseph Biden.

The American leader has already declared his readiness to approve the resolution if it is adopted by the Senate.

Recall that a nationwide strike of railway industry workers is scheduled for December 9th. If four out of 12 railway workers’ unions fail to reach a compromise in negotiations with freight carriers, the country could face an economic collapse.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that the House of Representatives of the US Congress supported a resolution aimed at preventing a railroad strike.

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