Tyumentsev lured to work in the Tomsk region for a salary of almost half a million rubles

Construction site.  Yekaterinburg, door, corridor, decoration, repair, building, carpenter

Tyumentsev lured to work in the Tomsk region. For 120 shifts in Seversk, carpenters from Tyumen are ready to pay up to 480 thousand rubles. The vacancy was published on the site Zarplata.ru.

“Carpenter at a construction site (Seversk, Tomsk region). We accept with or without experience. Responsibilities: creating frames, partitions in rooms, formwork for pouring concrete. The salary is from 279 to 480 thousand rubles,” the employer said.

The probationary period of the employee will be held in Moscow for two weeks. The ticket to the capital is compensated by the organization, the travel to the construction site in the Tomsk region will also be paid by the employer. The minimum watch lasts 60 days, the maximum – 120 days. Workers will be provided with free meals and accommodation in apartments. However, for workwear, the organization will deduct money from the salary.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that Tyumen machinists were invited to work in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. They are offered to earn up to 320 thousand rubles for a shift.


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