Tyumen travel agents named the dates when it is not profitable to fly on vacation

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Vouchers abroad rise in price most of all during the beginning of school holidays and holidays – May and New Year. A source from the tourism sector told a URA.RU correspondent about this.

“Prices are always higher during times of high demand. This is the period when people can fly, such as New Year or May. Tourists do not have an additional vacation, but they have this weekend, so they take advantage of the opportunity. And, accordingly, they overpay for this seasonality, ”the agency’s interlocutor shares.

School holidays also affect pricing. “Definitely the highest season in summer is the end of July, August – the beginning of September. Everyone wants to take their children to school. Plus, for many, the financial year starts on September 1st. Prices are always much higher during this period!” – says the Tyumen travel agent.

At the same time, in most countries popular for recreation, they know when school holidays begin in Russia. “This is a business and they would be bad marketers if they did not take into account all these factors,” adds the source of the agency.


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