Tyumen State Duma deputy spoke rudely about NATO countries ready to accept Ukraine into the alliance

Meeting of the plenipotentiary for the Ural Federal District with senators and deputies of the State Duma.  Yekaterinburg, Andrey Alshevskikh, Vitaly Bakhmetiev, Nikolai Brykin

State Duma deputy from the Tyumen region Nikolai Brykin criticized the NATO countries, which advocated the accelerated entry of Ukraine into the alliance. In his telegram channel, he accused them of lack of sovereignty.

“What kind of countries are these? They cannot even be called countries – they never make independent decisions. They are not even mongrels, but simply beggars (insignificant, unrespected people – approx. URA.RU)!” Brykin wrote.

Today, the heads of some NATO countries supported the future membership of Ukraine in the alliance. The heads of the following nine states approved this idea: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that Brykin also reacted harshly to the inclusion of Maxim Galkin in the register of individuals-foreign agents and the request of Alla Pugacheva to add her to this list as well. He criticized the singer’s work and called the situation with Galkin “a process of cleansing the country from traitors”.


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