Tyumen residents were left without cheap mortgages due to Central Bank sanctions against developers

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Tyumen developers are forced to raise the interest rate on the “near-zero mortgage” from 1-3 to 5.5 percent. This was told URA.RU on the rights of anonymity by a source in one of the development companies operating in the region.

“We are forced to respond to the decisions of the Central Bank and actually stop issuing mortgages from the developer at a low interest rate. This is no longer a “near zero”, but a “slightly more profitable” mortgage, it will not attract people as much, and we can simply artificially lose demand. And a person will lose the choice – to pay more every month or overpay a little in the end, ”the source explained to URA.RU.

At the end of 2022, the Bank of Russia started talking about the need to deal with a low interest rate on a mortgage from a developer. The need was attributed to the fact that the basic cost of housing with an almost zero rate is overestimated by 20-30 percent. “This means that having bought an apartment with a low mortgage rate for 12 million rubles, a person will then sell it at a market price of 10 million rubles, that is, he will remain at a loss,” commented URA.RU on the situation in the association of realtors of the Tyumen region.

Earlier, URA.RU talked about other benefits that will simplify the process of buying a private house for Tyumen residents. The Ministry of Construction plans to cancel additional collateral and guarantees for mortgages on this type of property.

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