Tyumen residents have been trying for several years to change the management company, the service of which they are dissatisfied with

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In Tyumen, residents of building No. 90 on Malygina Street complained about the Parusa management company, which locals have been trying to replace for several years. Tyumen resident Tatyana told URA.RU about this. According to her, the director of the company refuses to serve residents due to lack of profit, so apartment owners independently landscape flower beds and repair entrances.

“Since 2019, we are the third initiative group that is trying to overthrow the company. Our main problem is that there are many apartments in the building for daily rent, and it is very difficult to gather all the owners to vote, because most of them do not live here. But there is zero maintenance, our house is turning into ruins,” Tatyana, a Tyumen resident, told the agency.

According to the Tyumen resident, the fire extinguishing system does not work everywhere in the house, there are no fire hoses, the elevators are broken and the gates to the territory of the house are blocked by hemispheres. “At some sites, residents have begun to use fire cabinets for their own purposes, and cleaners from rented apartments also store their equipment. They have been delaying execution of the orders issued to the management company based on the results of inspections for the third year with fines,” Tatyana noted.

Residents collectively appealed to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, with a request to check the Criminal Code. In the letter, Tyumen residents noted that the owners had identified facts of charging payments for services with different tariffs for different premises. The document with the complaint is at the disposal of the editors.

Written requests were sent to the State Housing Inspectorate of the Tyumen Region and the Parus Management Company. Responses are awaited.

The agency has previously written about attempts by residents to change the management company. Then the Tyumen residents said that the Criminal Code was trying to maintain its position and was finding support in the Tyumen Regional Court. Later, the company was obliged to repair the entrances, the condition of which local residents complained about. The Criminal Code did not agree with the demand and filed a lawsuit, but it supported the government’s side.

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