Tyumen opposition refused to spend on gubernatorial elections

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The election of the governor of the Tyumen region in 2023 runs the risk of passing without high-profile election projects from the opposition. According to a URA source in the region’s political elite, branches of the opposition parliamentary parties are refusing to spend heavily on the campaign.

“Ugra sponsors left the LDPR after the split in the regional department. The regional committee of the Communist Party traditionally does not have a lot of money, and the leader of the Tyumen Socialist-Revolutionaries Vladimir Piskaykin, although he can provide an expensive election campaign, perceives it as a formality and will not seriously invest. “New people” most likely will not run for the post of head of the region, ”said the insider.

Earlier, the agency wrote that the headquarters of the incumbent governor Alexander Moor also abandoned high-profile and expensive election projects, focusing on supporting the living standards of the population. At the same time, no political force has officially announced its participation in the elections so far. Voting will take place on September 10th.


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