Two-way traffic on highways towards Krasnaya Polyana will be restored

SOCHI, 23 October – The previous two-way traffic will be restored instead of the new one-way traffic on the highways in the direction to Krasnaya Polyana on October 24, the press service of the Chernomorye Uprdor reports.
Earlier, one-way traffic was launched in test mode on two sections of federal highways: Adler – Krasnaya Polyana and Adler – Alpika-Service. This caused discontent among local residents: as the media wrote, they staged a protest and blocked the road. Later, the mayor of Sochi, Aleksey Kopaigorodsky, decided to cancel the one-way traffic, promising the residents of Sochi to restore the old two-lane road scheme.
“By 11.00 (Moscow time) on October 24, the previous traffic pattern (without one-way sections) will resume its normal operation on both routes,” the message says.
It is noted that it is planned to restore two-way traffic on the A-149 highway on October 23 closer to midnight. Along with this, traffic on the Adler-Alpika-Service highway will be suspended, with the switch of all transport traffic from the center of Adler, Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok to the federal road A-149.

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