Two Tyumen teenagers raped a schoolgirl

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In Tyumen, two teenagers raped a familiar 13-year-old schoolgirl, after which they blackmailed her and distributed the video in instant messengers. The girl’s mother told about the incident that occurred in 2021.

“Nikita and Alena (names changed – ed.) went for a walk around the area. The young man said that he was cold and offered to warm himself in the entrance of the high-rise building. Rising to the top floor, Nikita offered her different types of intimacy, but the girl did not agree. The guy didn’t let her go down, instead he called his friend Yegor. Together, the teenagers surrounded Alena in the corner of the technical floor so that she fell to her knees and cried. Nikita approached her point-blank, threatened that he would show her naked photos to everyone if she refused to obey him. Then he and his friend abused her, ”the edition reports the version of what happened.

According to their information, they filmed the process on video and after that they continued to blackmail the schoolgirl and at one point distributed the photo and video among their acquaintances. “From that moment, the girl’s life has changed. They started teasing her, calling her names, harassing her, and everywhere reproached her for shameful footage, ”the author of the article points out. A few months later, the girl’s mother found out about the incident.

Allegedly, the teenagers did not admit their guilt and believe that everything was by mutual agreement. “There were no threats or blackmail. I then sent the video from the entrance to my friend, but I don’t know how the video spread further, ”their version of events says.

According to the author, other girls from the gymnasium later admitted that Nikita extorted intimate photography from them, but the mother of the victim added that their parents did not go with her to the police. Now the lawyer of the schoolgirl’s family believes that teenagers should receive real punishment. “Criminals must be punished, there can be no suspended sentence under this article. It is very important that teenagers understand that such actions will be followed by responsibility,” said Lyubov Safargalieva, the family’s lawyer.

URA.RU sent a written request to the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Tyumen Region with a request to comment on the information. At the time of publication of the news, a response is expected.

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