Twitter users condemned Biden for plans to send F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv

US President Joe Biden’s statement about possible future deliveries of American F-16 fighters to Kyiv caused indignation among Twitter users. Following the results of the G7 summit and the meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the leader of the States evasively answered the question about sending combat aircraft to Kyiv.

“God help the Americans!” β€” commented on the words of the President of the United States journalist Sam Juneau.

Retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander Eddie Allen noted that the people of the United States did not subscribe to this, and the user under the nickname Sirloum said that Biden wants only one thing – the continuation of the conflict. Some commentators called the actions of the American president a shame and called for Biden to be impeached if he does not stop spending taxpayers’ money “on senseless wars abroad.”


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