Twitter urged Macron and Sunak to keep quiet after Putin’s words about nuclear weapons

Twitter users laughed at the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in which they called on Moscow to return to participation in the START/START-3 Treaty.

“Putin said he would do it (will test nuclear weapons. — Note. Life) only if the US goes for it first. If Sunak and Macron If they don’t know how to listen or read, then let them shut up.” explained by one of the commentators.

He was supported by other users, who stressed that “Russia is not going to start nuclear tests unless the Americans do it.” And some have suggested to Macron and Sunak, instead of empty criticism of Moscow’s decision to look across the ocean: “If you’re worried about nuclear weapons, look at the US president.”

“They’re pretty funny, they think their chatter really matters” ironically added another author, and many even called France and Britain colonies of the States.


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