Tver police will check the video of the smashing in the alcohol department of the store


An employee of the MREO of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Tambov Region is working with documents - 1920, 11/01/2021

RYAZAN, 1 nov – Police in the Tver region are conducting a check after a man brushed several bottles off the shelf in the alcoholic section of the store, the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told reporters.
A video of the incident appeared on social media. In the recording, a man brushes a few bottles of, presumably, alcohol from a shelf in a store with his hand. It is clarified that the incident took place on October 27 in Litvinki.
“There is a statement from the director of the store. The damage is being established. A check is being carried out,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Tver region reported.


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