The newest high-altitude long-range attack unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Bayraktar Akinci entered service with the Turkish army, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said.

“Today, we welcome the addition of the Bayraktar Akinci heavy drone, one of the best in the world, to our army’s arsenal. It is another symbol of our independence. Turkey has become the third leading country to have such technology. We are determined to make Turkey a leader in unmanned fighter technology.” , – said Erdogan, speaking in Tekirdag at the UAV handover ceremony. The broadcast was conducted on Twitter by the Turkish leader.

He added that “those who did not sell these funds to us ten years ago are now talking about our UAVs, which have changed the game on the global platform.”

“We have proved our strength to the whole world in drone production technologies. Turkey has ceased to be a country that only buys, we began to develop and sell ourselves. With the advent of Akinci, we are reaching a new level,” the Turkish leader said.

According to Erdogan, “some countries use technology to change sovereignty, borders, and our principle is to use any technology for the benefit of people.” “Any land that a Turkish soldier steps on gains peace and quiet. … If peace is ensured in our region or in the world, one cannot think that this can be done without Turkey. Now those who want to do something in our region, they will first look towards Turkey, “the President of the country said.


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