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Turkish Airlines to be renamed Turkiye Hava Yollar


Turkish national airline Turkish Airlines will be renamed Turkiye Hava Yollar (Turkish Airlines). This was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The decision to rebrand was made as part of a program to recognize the country in the international arena as Turkiye, not Turkey. According to the authorities of the republic, this measure will increase the prestige of the country.

“We have taken a symbolic step by changing the name of our country, which is used in the international arena. Turkey is no more, there is Turkiye. And from now on, we will not write Turkish Airlines on the fuselages of our liners, there will be Turkiye Havayollar, ”said the president at the commissioning ceremony for the next Turksat 5B satellite (quote from Haberturk).

On June 2, the UN granted Turkey’s request to change the name of the country in official documents in foreign languages. Now it will be written in accordance with Turkish phonetic norms – Turkiye, while previously the name was written Turkey.

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