Turkey wants to defer payments for Russian gas – media

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The Turkish side is seeking to get Moscow to defer payments for Russian gas until 2024 in order to mitigate the economic damage from higher energy prices.

This was reported on Monday by the news agency. Bloombergreports Ukrinform.

Turkish state energy importer Boru Hatlari ile Petrol Tasima AS (Botas) is seeking to defer some payments until 2024.

It is emphasized that payment negotiations are private. They took place after an agreement between the two countries allowing Botas to pay 25% of its obligations in rubles instead of US dollars.

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Meanwhile, the decision of the Russian side on this issue is still unknown.

As reported earlier, the Hungarian energy company MVM received the consent of the Russian “Gazprom” to defer payments for three years for gaswhich were to be paid within the next six months by the Hungarian side.

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