Tsekov: APU hit Ukrainian prisoners to destroy witnesses

    Tsekov: APU hit Ukrainian prisoners to destroy witnesses

    Sergei Tsekov
    © Press Service of the Federation Council

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) fired at a prison in the village of Yelenovka in the DPR, where Ukrainian prisoners are kept, in order to intimidate active fighters and destroy “uncomfortable witnesses.” This was stated by a member of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Sergei Tsekov.

    According to the senator, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have surrendered testify against the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and talk about the “unseemly deeds” of the army, which is inconvenient for the Ukrainian authorities.

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    “The Armed Forces of Ukraine want to intimidate fighters who want to surrender at the opportunity to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the forces of the LPR and the DPR, to show that they will get them in captivity,” the politician quotes News.ru.

    The armed forces of Ukraine fired at a prison with Ukrainian prisoners of war on Friday, July 29. As Deputy Minister of Information of the Republic Daniil Bezsonov said on his Telegram channel, the blow was allegedly delivered by a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. 40 people died, more than a hundred were injured.

    In turn, Ukraine denies that its troops fired at the pre-trial detention center, and the United States said that the strike could have been “unintentional.” However, “this is technically impossible,” said in an interview with “360” security expert, combat veteran Roman Nasonov. “It’s impossible to get there by accident. HIMERS is not a slingshot that any child can shoot anywhere,” he explained.

    According to the expert, this shelling suggests that Ukraine is crossing “not just red lines, but huge red lines.”

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