Trump’s opponent in the primaries said that the United States is heading for bankruptcy

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is considered Donald Trump’s main opponent in the Republican primaries ahead of the presidential election, stepped up attacks on other Republicans after the presidential nomination, writes Dily Mail.

He declared. that the US is headed for bankruptcy, no matter what the current budget compromise turns out to be. According to Desantes, this will not stop the sharp increase in public debt.

The Republican establishment is trying to convince its party members that the budget deal will be successful – if it can be observed in the next 6 years, then the total savings will exceed $ 2 trillion. Some analysts believe that this will not happen because during this time at least one recession will begin, against which everyone will forget about limiting government spending, clarifies Breitbart edition.

DeSantis himself, if he wins the election, promises to drastically minimize budget spending, completely get rid of the US tax service and introduce a flat tax scale. As an example, he cites the state of Florida, where he managed to come to a balanced budget.

DeSantis also began to actively oppose Trump. He promised the relatives of the victims of the September 9, 2011 attacks to give the right to sue Saudi Arabia. In Riyadh, they hope for the Republicans to come to power in 2024, since it is traditionally more convenient for the Saudis to cooperate with them than with the Democrats. DeSantis’ latest statements indicate that among Republicans, attitudes towards the Saudis are deteriorating as well. Experts believe that the gap between Riyadh and Washington will further increase.

After being nominated for the primaries, DeSantis’ ratings have risen slightly, and his chances of winning remain minimal. However, many of his ideas that resonate with Republicans could then be adopted by Trump himself.

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