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Trump’s niece will reveal his tax schemes

Niece of U.S. President Donald Trump Mary will publish a book in which she will reveal information about her uncle’s taxes. This was reported by the Daily Beast news portal.

According to sources, in the book “Too Much And Never Enough” (Too Much And Never Enough), which will go on sale on August 11, 55-year-old Mary tells the “shocking and obscene” cases from the life of Trump.

In addition, she will tell how she played a decisive role in the investigation of the New York Times, which stated that the head of state with the help of tax schemes took himself more than $ 400 million in terms of current prices from his father’s real estate business, Fred Trump.

The niece of the president of the United States was the main source of information for the Pulitzer Prize journalistic investigation, providing the newspaper with grandfather’s tax returns and other confidential financial records of her family. The book will also include Mary’s conversation with Trump, retired federal judge Marianne Trump-Barry. The portal notes that she will reveal “innermost thoughts” and criticize her brother.

Also in the book, Donald and Fred Trump are accused of involvement in the death of father Mary, who died after a heart attack. In her opinion, the man suffering from alcoholism was not given the necessary attention.

Earlier, The Washington Post published excerpts from the book by Mary Trump that the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, after the victory of her husband Donald Trump in the presidential election in 2016, insisted on a new marriage contract.

It is noted that the first lady of the United States advocated for the reflection in the updated prenuptial agreement of the expansion of the spouse’s obligations regarding the support of their son Barron. Also, changes in the prenuptial agreement were affected by news about Trump’s probable adultery.

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