Trump’s main rival entered the race – the expert assessed the chances of DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has filed with the Electoral Commission as the Republican nominee, making him the 45th US leader Donald Trump’s main rival in the primaries. Most Americans are tired of the clashes between Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden, they get personal, and they hardly touch on the real problems of the country, said Alexander Petrov, chief researcher at the Center for North American Studies at the IWI RAS.

“DeSantis is a young promising politician who received an excellent education in elite institutions that practically guarantee a person a political, public, or business career – Yale University and Harvard Law School. He is a family man, he has three children, a beautiful wife [телеведущая Кейси Блэк]”, – quotes an expertPolitics today”.

DeSantis also served in the US Army, which is undoubtedly a big plus on his resume. All of the above actually constitutes the “American dream”, so the governor of Florida may well become the very person whom the Americans will look up to, Petrov believes.

Among other things, DeSantis has Spanish roots, so the Americanist did not rule out that this category of the electorate will support the candidate – the number of Hispanic speakers with the right to vote is quite large in the States.

According to Petrov, the election campaigns of DeSantis and Trump are similar, and against the backdrop of support for the Republicans, the chances of the Governor of Florida to represent the party are quite high.

However, it is worth paying attention to the harsh criticism of the governor because of his promotion of very unpopular laws in the United States related to the restriction of abortion, the ban on sex change operations, and concessions for gun owners.

In addition, the interests of the governor run counter to the needs of business. Disney lost benefits and was subjected to tight control by the authorities due to the active criticism of the law on the abolition of LGBT education in educational institutions. Against this background, the Trumpists even joked that DeSantis “fell into a mousetrap” and would definitely lose in the “fight with Mickey Mouse.”

Therefore, if Trump actively joins the race, then the chances of DeSantis are reduced, Petrov continued. He recalled that the former president was not even affected by the recent scandal with numerous accusations.

“Paradoxically, this only strengthened the ranks of the Trumpists, of whom there are quite a few who believe that it was Trump who ran the United States very successfully as president. In addition, his language – English – is more understandable to the average layman. In conservative regions, he speaks clearly, clearly, practically in slogans, the Americanist remarked.

DeSantis has a more complex speech, although his staff is doing very well and indicators say he can make “America Great Again”, primarily in domestic politics. On the outside, he is quite conservative and takes a tough stance, which is not too different from the position of the Democratic Party in this area.

If DeSantis gets the opportunity to represent the Republicans and meets Biden in the final race, then his chances of winning will be great, Petrov believes. But if the Democrats in the elections will run Robert KennedyJr – Nephew of the 35th President of the United States John Kennedythen the situation for the governor will become more difficult.

The outcome of the race remains unpredictable so far – the alignment of forces will take a more pronounced shape only by the end of 2023 – the beginning of 2024, Petrov argues. This will depend on how successful the ruling party can boast, whether the level of significant support for Biden and Trump will decrease, and how the situation with the financial turmoil in the country will pass, Petrov concluded.

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