Former US President Donald Trump said he would like to box with Joe Biden

Former US President Donald Trump said that if he had such an opportunity, he would like to box with the current leader of the country, Joe Biden. So he answered the question of the host of one boxing event, the politician quotes The Independent.

In response to a question about who Trump would like to enter the ring with, the politician replied: “Definitely not with a professional boxer, it would be very dangerous.” Instead, the politician chose Biden as his rival.

“I think this fight in the ring would be very fast … I think Biden would have surrendered within the first couple of seconds,” Trump said.

The ex-president of the United States has made fun of the new head of the White House on several occasions, especially during the 2020 election race. So, a member of the Republican Party spoke about the plastic surgery of the opponent. “He is comfortable wearing a mask. Well, good! But to be honest … Why the hell did he spend so much money on plastic surgery if he closes everything? ” Trump joked.


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