US President has signed a decree designed to remove protection from claims on content editing from social networks, the White House said on Thursday.

“There is no precedent in American history for such a small number of corporations to control such a large area of ​​human interaction,” Trump told reporters before signing.

According to him, decisions of social networks about the veracity of messages, making changes to them or blocking them are essentially an editorial policy, and social networks act as publishers.

“At such moments, ceases to be a neutral public platform and becomes an editor with a point of view. I think the same can be said about others, if you look at , if you look at and, possibly, others,” Trump added.

Earlier, the Twitter social network designated one of Trump’s messages as containing a lie and placed a warning icon under it with a link to an article saying that Trump had lied. Trump in response threatened to strictly regulate or completely “shut down” social networks if they continued to drown out the voices of conservatives. Social networks claim that they do not suppress anyone’s points of view, although they remove or block content that is contrary to their rules.