Former US President Trump called American politicians the main threat to the country

Former US President Donald Trump at a rally of supporters called American politicians the main threat to the country, the danger from which surpasses even Russia and China, RIA Novosti reports.

“The biggest threat to us does not come from outside, but from sick and radical politicians who, knowingly or unknowingly, want to destroy our country. This is the biggest threat. More Russia or China,” said the ex-president.

In addition, the former American leader spoke of his firm intention to take part in the next presidential election and promised to “return the White House.”

Earlier, he called the current head of state Joe Biden and his administration the main reason why the country is going through the worst times in its history. He believes that in an important and dangerous period for the state, when it needs a strong leader, the country is ruled by a person who barely understands what is happening around him, what he generally says and where he is.


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