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Trump announced the victory of the United States over fascism

The US president also told how the army “held the defense against oppression by communism.”
American leader Donald Trump believes that the American army defeated fascism and Nazism. The White House owner made such a statement in front of the cadets during the graduation ceremony at the US Military Academy in West Point.

The American leader said academy graduates such as General Dwight Eisenhower, who later became President of the United States, and General Omar Bradley, led the United States to victory over “sinister Nazis and imperial fascists.” Trump did not mention the role of other states, in particular the USSR.

But the US president said how the army “held the defense against oppression by communism.”

This year, the United States actively speaks out about the country’s leading role in the victory over World War II. So, on May 8, a congratulation was published on the White House social networks stating that “America and Great Britain defeated the Nazis.” This post caused a wide public outcry; netizens immediately began to conduct a historic educational program for the White House leadership.

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