Troops of the Kyiv regime have been activated since the beginning of summer – Marochko

The troops of the Kyiv regime from the first days of summer may increase their activity in the NVO zone, which in fact will lead to increased shelling and new provocations.

A retired military expert lieutenant colonel of the LPR told TASS about this. Andrey Marochkobased on their own analysis of the situation.

He explained that recently the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was reduced due to bad weather conditions – there were heavy rains.

“There are fears that after the end of heavy rains, another two or three days will pass, and the enemy will become active again. It will be just around the International Children’s Day,” the expert suggested.

At the same time, he predicted the actions of the enemy, based on the fact that his tactics and strategy are already known. Most likely, on this day there will be provocations and shelling by Ukrainian militants, the veteran believes.

As conveyed EADaily, earlier Andriy Marochko stated that there would be no full-scale counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In his opinion, the Ukrainian command cannot accumulate shock fists because of the preemptive attacks of the Russian army on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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