Trial for Gwyneth Paltrow over ski collision begins on Tuesday

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PARK CITY — Actress Gwyneth Paltrow In the face of a jury Park City On Tuesday This will determine if she is to blame for injuring a male while Skiing at Deer Valley Resort It was seven years ago.

A Utah The man seeks over $300,000 for the “Iron Man” “Shakespeare in Love” Actress, who claimed she met him while skiing.

The Three years after the ski accident, a lawsuit was filed by the plaintiff in 2019. Terry SandersonA retired optometrist who was active in Soda Springs, Idaho. He He said that he and another skier collided. Paltrow On Feb. 26, 2016, left him with a brain Injury, four broken bones, and emotional damage.

“I’ve skied for over 30 years, I’ve never knocked anybody down and hurt ’em. I’ve never been knocked down or got hurt. I think this is kind of a unique situation,” Sanderson

It Initially also called Deer Valley Resort, Paltrow’s Ski instructor and other resort employees were named as defendants in the case. They claimed their actions after the collision caused more harm. All claims against any other party have been dropped.

InitiallyThe lawsuit sought to recover at least $3.1million Paltrow. Third District Judge Kent Holmberg Some claims were dismissed Paltrow In May 2022, ruling it was not a “hit-and-run ski crash” As Sanderson claimed. He Decent Paltrow That they did not inflict any emotional distress by negligence Sanderson He was not entitled to punitive damage.

An Instructor verified Paltrow Did not immediately leave the scene of the collision. Sanderson She claimed she was being assisted, but she stopped giving aid when she believed that leaving would not cause further injury. The Order from the Court also stated Sanderson His injuries did not affect his ability to travel and he has shown that he is able to continue traveling after the incident.

Paltrow You filed a counterclaimIt claims that Sanderson You can hit her from behind. She She claimed she didn’t hear or see the man approaching and that she had been skiin’ carefully and slowly in order to keep her children, who were being taught skiing, behind.

The Trial is set to conclude on March 30 years old, with eight full days in court Jurors The remaining claim against the defendant will be considered. Paltrow This is “simple negligence” For her actions before the crash.

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