Travel blogger from Russia estimated the cost of housing, food and transport in Milan

A Russian traveler visited Milan and found out how much a comfortable life in this Italian city would cost.

The girl estimated the cost of food, transport and rental housing. She shared her impressions in her personal blog Like Travel Travel on the platform “Yandex.Zen”.

If you buy food for a family of two without animals for a month, you will need to pay about 500-600 euros, that is, up to 33 thousand rubles. But the tourist compared the cost of renting apartments with Moscow – from a thousand euros (56 thousand rubles) per month in Milan itself, and from 600 euros (33 thousand rubles) in the suburbs.

“The utility bill is paid separately – from 200 euros (11 thousand rubles), now this figure is growing due to the increase in the cost of electricity in 2022,” the blogger added.

It is also unpopular in Milan to have a car. Usually, locals move either on bikes and bicycles, or by public transport. A metro or bus ticket costs about 2.5 euros (140 rubles).


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