Travel agents named the reasons why Yekaterinburg residents will seek to fly to Iran

Tehran.  Iran desert safari

In the coming years, Iran may become one of the popular destinations for Yekaterinburg residents. This country is ready to offer people worthy hotels, beaches and shopping. Konstantin Gulevich, director of the communications department of the operator ANEX Tour, shared this data with journalists.

“We understand that the direction has potential. At the moment, this is all built on the policy of relations between the two countries. Iran is a fairly secular state, there is a good hotel base, they have developed domestic tourism, a rather interesting cultural program, it’s easier with shopping and a great beach story,” Gulevich said.

At the same time, the representative of the travel agency stressed that a high level of service in Iran should not be expected in the coming years. “You have to understand that this is not Türkiye, just as a service. Türkiye has been going to what it is today for many years. And this year there will hardly be charters [в Иран]”, — said one of the leaders of ANEX Tour.

Earlier, travel agents said that the most popular destinations for Yekaterinburg residents were such countries as: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, the United Arab Emirates and resorts within Russia. And, despite the fact that Turkey has recently suffered from earthquakes, Yekaterinburg residents do not refuse tourist trips to this country.


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