Trainer Fateev warned about the dangers of soda and beer when playing sports

The use of carbonated water, kvass, beer and alcohol during training will harm the body, coach Vitaly Fateev warned.

The champion of Russia in bodybuilding said that attending sports does not provide protection against weight gain. There is a misconception that drinking in moderation won’t hurt if a man is exercising. According to Fateev, beer is considered an unacceptable drink for athletes, as it can affect the formation of the abdomen and even “women’s breasts,” reports Public News Service.

In addition, the specialist did not recommend getting carried away with soda, as it causes bloating and has a bad effect on digestion. Carbonated drinks, as well as kvass, make the stomach work hard, which can lead to heaviness.

“If you want to play sports, it is always hard, it requires health and good condition of the body. The slightest deviation from the framework will put an end to the result, ”Fateev explained.

The specialist advised when playing sports to quench your thirst only with ordinary non-carbonated water. According to him, it enriches the body with oxygen and has a positive effect on digestion.


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