Traces of drugs found in the blood of actress Anne Heche after an accident


Experts found traces of narcotic substances in the blood of American actress Anne Heche who crashed in an accident. At the moment, the 53-year-old celebrity is in the hospital, but doctors diagnosed her with brain death, local media write.

“We need to conduct additional tests to rule out any substances that may have been prescribed to the actress for medical reasons,” police told Deadline.

According to them, the relatives of the actress are preparing to disconnect her from the ventilator. While the woman is kept on it in order to check the condition of her internal organs, which Anne Heche bequeathed for donation.

Earlier it became known that the decision to disconnect the celebrity from life support systems was made by Hatch’s relatives after she became worse. The doctors said that the artist is in “extreme critical condition”, after which she fell into a coma, the TV channel reported. “360”.


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