Tourists in the “Land of the Leopard” nature reserve filmed a new kitten

Replenishment in the family of the rarest leopards of the planet – the Far Eastern ones, was captured by tourists in one of the reserves “Land of the Leopard” in Primorsky Krai – in “Kedrovaya Padya”. There are not much more than 120 of these animals on the planet. Moreover, scientists did not even know about the young mother, she came across camera traps only once. Now she was “handed” a passport, giving her own number of an adult leopard – Leo 263F.

First, the mother appears in the frame, she moves carefully, examining the territory, sniffing the trees. Soon a kitten enters the camera view, which is about four months old. He is clearly in high spirits – he gets acquainted with the outside world, cheerfully follows his mother.

“I was very pleased with such interesting shots. I visited the reserve more than once, but for the first time my trap caught a leopard with a cub. And it is doubly joyful that thanks to these shots the leopard received a passport!”He speaks famous traveler and photographer from Moscow, Mikhail Korostelev, head of the Team Trip group that captured these rare shots.


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