Tourist flow to Nizhny Tagil increased by 10%

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In the first half of 2022, the tourist flow to Nizhny Tagil increased by almost 10%. For ten months, 1,600 industrial tourism enthusiasts visited EVRAZ NTMK alone, and 16,766 people showed interest in the Malachite Line during the year, the press service of the mayor’s office reported.

Administration officials believe that the number of city guests has increased due to the development of infrastructure, the development of new tourist products, as well as a significant date – the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil.

“If last year the flow of tourists to our city was 434,304 people, then only in the first half it amounted to 258,988 people. We are actively developing all possible tourist destinations and types of travel. Guests can enjoy walking, bus and tram excursions, even become participants in a virtual adventure related to the main architectural sights of the city and its ancient crafts,” said Pavel Balin, director of the city tourism development center.

The development of tourism infrastructure is aimed not only at the guests of Nizhny Tagil, but also at its residents, primarily children. About a thousand pupils study at the Polus station for young tourists.

“This year, our guys have visited Elbrus and Baikal, BAM, the Southern Urals and the Nizhny Novgorod region. Over the summer alone, more than 40 exits and expeditions were carried out. A lot of work is being done with novice tourists – schoolchildren who are not professionally engaged. More than 60 schools in the city are involved in this process,” said Mikhail Chernykh, head of Polyus.

On the basis of the city station for young naturalists, the Ecostation was opened, where 90 educational places appeared under the new programs “Junior. Eco-travel” and “Across the Urals with a backpack”, equipment for hiking and field research was purchased.

There are several schools in the Azimut tourist club – water, mountain, basic tourist skills, cycling, hiking, freeroup. Today, almost 200 people work there.

“Every year, the local budget provides significant funds for the development of the tourism sector in Nizhny Tagil and the entire city infrastructure. Financing is carried out not only from the municipality’s own funds, but also through subsidies, thanks to the participation of the city in various regional and federal programs. For example, more than 500 million rubles were allocated from the federal and regional budgets only for the construction of the second stage of the Tagil Lagoon,” said Alexei Burdilov, Vice Mayor for Financial and Economic Policy.

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