There is a rundown of best tech things flooding on the web. I needed to make a rundown as well, however something inventive, so here I gladly show the best 10 tech things under Rs. 100, yes INR 100 (generally $ 1.63), costs may change with time, so get the things as you see them.

  1. Driven USB LIGHT

Item points of interest:

Fitting and Play sufficiently small to take anyplace, it fits into your case as effectively as it fits your way of life

USB transport controlled, no outer connector or batteries required

For use with any USB perfect PC (any variant) Flexible stainless steel neck gives you a chance to position it any way you like

Simply connect it to USB port and it will illuminate instantly

Good to use in dim without irritating your flatmates

Driven Light fueled by a USB, this light can help give adequate light on a dim PC table.

  1. Y Splitter Audio Aux Cable 3.5MM

Item points of interest:

One 3.5mm male jack to two 3.5mm female

High caliber

Little and smaller outline

Low thickness polyethylene protection

Lessening signal misfortune and enhancing transmission quality

Ever envisioned consider the possibility that you and your companion could hear tunes on various headphones yet on a similar gadget. This 3.5mm splitter makes it conceivable.

  1. UBON Earphones

Item points of interest:

clear solid

Recurrence Responce:20 to 20,000 Hz

Transducer type: Dynamic


Max Input Power:100mW

On the off chance that you are searching for a shoddy yet great bass empowered earpiece, these are best in the cost.


Item points of interest:



Link TIE


This is extremely helpful for keeping up links and keep them clean. It is of awesome quality and fits immovably, go snatch your pile of 100 links for only an aggregate INR 46.

  1. White Micro USB FLAT Data Cable 26 inches

Item subtle elements:

a half year guarantee from Gadgets Accessories (just if bought from Gadgets Accessories vender on Amazon)

Perfect for ALL Micro USB Phones

USB v2.0 for up to 480mb every second exchange speed

Level USB links are popular nowadays and White gives them an awesome premium look. So snatch your USB to USB smaller than usual information link for INR 85.

  1. SIM CARD Adapter Nano to Micro – Nano to Regular – Micro to Regular with discharge stick

Item subtle elements:

1 x Nano Sim Card to Micro Sim

1 x Nano Sim Card to Standard Size Sim Card

1 x Micro Sim Card to Standard Size Sim Card

Ultra-thin plan, the thickness just 0.1mm

Shading: White

Got another telephone? Be that as it may, tragically your SIM card won’t fit in? This pack of SIM Adapters will make it simple for you alongside a discharge PIN, get it for INR 69.

  1. Tufkote Laptop Skin 3D Carbon Fiber Design BLACK

Item points of interest:

Styles and secures your Laptop

Includes no mass <1mm thick, gives essential scratch security

Simple to apply and expel with no buildup left on or harm is done to your gadget. Essentially peel your skin off its sponsorship and stick it on your gadget.

Fits every single size portable workstation. Skin measures 15-inch x 12 inches. Can be trimmed with scissors or cutter

Custom Prints Also Available

This finished cover comes in different hues, I for one incline toward the Black shading so in the event that you are planning to get it, go get it at INR 99.