Top 10 options similar to Twitter

Some of these social networks have additional payment features, open source and even cryptocurrencies

Top 10 Twitter-Like Options

Some of these social networks have additional payment features, open source, and even cryptocurrencies. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/Illustration/File Photo

Following the closing of the Twitter purchase by Elon Musk there may be some users of the social networkof microblogging to make the decision to abandon it in the future in case the changes that occur in the platformare not to their liking.

It is because Therefore, ten options of social networks are presented, some better known than others or more similar to Twitter, which can be presented as alternative platforms for publishing texts, photos , videos, GIF, among other file formats that you want to share with other users on the internet.

This platform does not have the same operation as Twitter because it is not a similar space. While on the current platform you can start a conversation on any topic and posts can correspond to a particular interest, Reddit organizes thematic dialogue spaces corresponding to defined reasons.

Top 10 twitter-like-options

Photographic illustration of the Reddit logo on a mobile. July 13, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

This feature turns Reddit into a forum in which large communities can be generated to discuss various topics such as entertainment, health, sport, music, etc. Within this platform you can find all kinds of information, as well as technology or video game companies that interact with other users horizontally.

Another very popular social application that has the peculiarity of being based on live audio experiences. This platform is not in itself an open interaction space where you can talk to any user, but once inside, you can access public channels or private where people with common interests meet to interact.

Top 10 Twitter-like Options

Headphones are seen in front of displayed Discord app logo in this illustration taken March 29, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

The application allows you to create different channelswithin a community established to give it different uses and maintain active interaction between the people that make it up, such as rooms chat, musical spaces, raffles, roles, voice rooms, among others.

To make the experience more fun, you can also use bots of different types and assign administrators to moderate user behavior.

Although this is an application dedicated to messaging and has some similarities with WhatsApp, it works mainly in a similar way to Discord with thematic channels to chat with other users about a wide variety of topics, although they are not as big as those found on Reddit because interaction occurs in closed groups that can be accessed via a link or invited.

Top 10 options similar to Twitter


In addition, it is also used to receive updates on applications, newsletters on websites or news pages, among other communities. Some content creators also use this app as a way to interact directly with their followers or subscribers.

The social networkmost used in the world is always an option in case users want to stay connected to social networks in case they decide to leave Twitter. Like that social network, it is possible to publish photos, videos and texts so that other people can see that content, although this also depends on account settings, which can be set to private.

Top 10 Twitter-like options

FILE IMAGE. A mobile phone with the Facebook logo is seen in front of the new logo after the rebranding to Meta, in this illustration taken on October 28, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Most people have a profile within this social network, then it is possible that the content produced on the platform will be found by friends and family, who can interact with him and share it.

This platform has an operation and an aesthetic that is very similar to that of Twitter, so a new user would have no trouble getting used to it. It’s also a microblogging site, so it has room for posting content that anyone can see, although it also has a theme sectionthat any user can create to generate a conversation about some particular topics.

Top 10 options similar to Twitter

Mastodon social network

In addition to being free and open source , so that anyone can know how the platform works inside, it also offers users some sections that require a payment within the application, others are accessible by invitation but in no case do these limit the positive experience within the application.

Another social network that has a great resemblance to Twitter. This platform does not have any tolerance for “hostile nations, bot accounts and trolls”, so it could be considered a safe interaction platform.

Top 10 Twitter-like options

Counter Social social network

On the other hand, this social network differs from others by the absence of advertising and being free. The financing of this platform occurs due to the fact that it has a Patreon account in which users can send the economic contributions they wish and that it also has additional paid access functions.

This platform It has a combination of features that bring it closer to Instagram than to Twitter because multimedia content is prioritized, but with the interaction buttons of the other platform. This social network prioritises “freedom of expression, privacy, open source and the crypto economy” as indicated in its official website.

Top 10 Twitter-like options

Minds social network

The application has the peculiarity of being based on blockchain, so it could be classified as a crypto social network which offers tokens to users whenever contributions are made to the user community. These MIND Tokens, which are based on Ethereum, can be used to boost the interactions of content that is created on the social network.

This social network has a great peculiaritythat makes it unique and that is that it is not developed by any particular person or company, but rather is the community itself. b>of users the one in charge of its development and who believe in the freedom of expression and the privacy of the data, for which reason it does not have advertising within the platform.

Top 10 Twitter-like options

Diaspora social network

In addition, the data registered in the application is stored in interconnected servers called Pods that can be created by a user or to which anyone can register when entering the platform. In this way, the community considers that the decentralization of information is promoted instead of using only one serveras the source of all the data.

Although this social networkis not new and has been around for many years on the market, it maintains a large base of users who to this day continue to be content creators within the blogging platform.

Top 10 twitter-like options Twitter

Tumblr Home Page (Screenshot)

People can use this platform however they like, posting text or images and using tags to find similar content . It is also possible to find other users, review their content and interact with them.

This network social works much more similarly to LinkedIn due to the high number of professional users found on this platform, so Dots could qualify as a network where it is possible for users to find a job.

Top 10 Twitter-like options

Dots Platform (Dots)

In addition, it also has a special section where thoughts and opinions can be posted without censorship or bans, at least depending on the application.

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