Tooele residents give back with the ‘Thanksgiving Project’

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TOOELE — Dozens Families and friends Tooele They have made it a priority to serve their neighbors. Thanksgiving tradition.

It’s The Thanksgiving ProjectThe county-wide celebration has evolved from a simple offering to a delicious one.

“We’re going to send out about 250 meals to people in need,” Chad FullmerFounder of the Thanksgiving Project.

He Owns the local Denny’s Restaurant and cooked up the Thanksgiving Project 18 years ago, his restaurant fed approximately 50 people.

“We wanted to give back to some people in need,” Fullmer said. “We opened our doors and invited people in that needed a meal.”

Over Over the years, Thanksgiving Project The restaurant grew beyond its original purpose. More Families and friends joined the effort, and the community’s need has increased.

They Now, prepare the food Tooele High SchoolThe meals are delivered by volunteers.

“People get to come and experience what Thanksgiving is all about, and it gives them a different perspective call,” Fullmer said.

Dozens of families and friends in Tooele have made serving their neighbors part of their Thanksgiving tradition. The Thanksgiving Project provided meals to 250 families this year.
Dozens Families and friends Tooele They have made it a priority to serve their neighbors. Thanksgiving tradition. The Thanksgiving Project 250 families received meals this year. (Photo: Winston Armani, KSL-TV)

They Now, partner with the school district. Tooele County Resource Center. Fullmer He said that he is grateful for the opportunity to serve and share.

“This gives us a time to pause and come together and be grateful for each other,” He stated.

Seventeen-year-old Lauren Johnson She has been volunteering for her family ever since she was 12.

“Every Thanksgiving, we’ve been doing this,” Johnson said. “I just love the thought that it’s going to someone who needs it or someone that appreciates it. It feels good to help other people.”

It’s Giving meaning to her Thanksgiving.

“It’s just something that I really look forward to,” Johnson said.

Randy Samantha Fisher Six years ago, I became involved. They This year, we delivered meals.

“It’s nice to be able to give back, especially now when people need it most, and just having that contact, wishing them a happy Thanksgiving,” Randy said.

They’re This was a great service for both the military veterans and the soldiers who were there.

“It’s the fact of being able to give back to our community that supports anybody and everybody here,” Samantha said. “It’s a wonderful community.”

All Donations from the public are a great way to show your generosity Denny’s Customers and other community donors Tooele.


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