Tolstoy announced Africa’s demand for an independent “ideological culture”

Tolstoy announced Africa's demand for an independent

Peter Tolstoy.
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The West, in relations with African states, “will only bend them to its advantage,” while Russia gives Africa the opportunity to find its place in a new, more secure world order through dialogue. On February 10, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy announced this to the Parliamentary Newspaper.

On February 10, the State Duma hosted a meeting of the ambassadors of more than 20 African states with the leadership of the organizing committee of the Second Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference, which will be held on March 19-20 in Moscow. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Alexander Babakov acted as the head of the organizing committee, the structure included vice-speakers of the lower house Pyotr Tolstoy and Vladislav Davankov, chairmen of the Duma committees Maxim Topilin, Dmitry Kobylkin, Leonid Kalashnikov, Pavel Zavalny. The conference of parliamentarians for the second time in a row precedes the big Russia-Africa summit – for the first time it happened in Sochi in 2019.

Answering the question of how the Russian-African summit differs from the US-Africa summit, which Washington organized in December 2022, Pyotr Tolstoy pointed to different approaches to such meetings by their organizers. “Americans are gathering African countries to intimidate them, to tell them how to behave “correctly”. We have a different approach – we say that we all need to think together about a new, safer world order. We invite to dialogue, without imposing anything on anyone,” he explained.

The vice speaker noted that such a Russian approach is very interesting for African countries – he drew attention to the fact that, in addition to economic development, there is a worldview culture that African countries have a request for today. “After the USSR ended, they were left without an ideology, without a worldview. And today African countries want to find something of their own. The West will only bend them to its will, and we give them the opportunity to find their place in the new world order through dialogue,” said Pyotr Tolstoy.

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