Ekadashi is the first festival that follows all the festivals in the Telugu year. This festival is of utmost importance in the Hindu tradition. What is the first Ekadashi? What are the results of worshiping Seshasai on this day. Let us know about the prestige.

A total of 24 Ekadashis fall during the year. Each month there are two Ekadashis in total, one on the dark side and one on the cataract side. These unicorns have become something special. However, Ashada Shuddha Ekadashi is called the “First Ekadashi”. Ekadashi means eleven. The five senses that we have, the five senses of action, are eleven if we combine the mind which is the inner working organ. Ekadashi is the time when these eleven work in unison.

Myths about the greatness of Ekadashi vrata say that if one performs the vrata on this glorious Ekadashi festival, one gets as much merit as the earth donated in the solar and lunar eclipses, the Ashvamedha Yagya, and the penance for sixty thousand years. The Chaturmasya Vratam is practiced from the first Ekadashi to the Kartik Shuddha Ekadashi It is the rule of the Chaturmasya fast that vegetarians should fast. Fasting is done on Ekadashinadu, Marnadu is performed, prasadam is taken and the fast is completed. Moksha was achieved by performing the Mahasadhvi Sati Sakkubhai Chaturmasya Vratam.

The first Ekadashi is a farmers’ festival. Farmers pray to God that the pie will be green without natural calamities like heavy rains and droughts. On the first Ekadashi festival, corn popcorn is ground into a fine powder, mixed with jaggery, and offered to God as an offering. It is believed that one must eat this popcorn on the first Ekadashi. Scholars say that if Srihari is worshiped on the next Ekadashi day of the month, Ashtaishwaryas will be offered.

Especially on the first Ekadashi day of the month of Ashwadh, it is believed that if one prays to the idol of Lakshminarayana, who is a remnant, one will get the fruit of crores of merits. The month of Ashwadh, Shuklapaksha Ekadashi, is considered to be the first Ekadashi when Vishnumurti goes into Yoganidra on the ruling ocean.

It is also known as Shayana Ekadashi as it is the day on which Swami sleeps. Sati Sakkubai. Legend has it that Vishnu, who begins Yoganidra today, wakes up again four months later on Karthika Shuddha Ekadashi. All these four months are considered sacred and everyone performs Chaturmasyadhiksha.


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