Toblerone removes Swiss Matterhorn from packaging

The image of the Matterhorn mountain peak, located on the border of Switzerland, will soon disappear from the famous triangular packaging of Toblerone chocolate bars. This will be due to the fact that the American owner of the brand is moving part of the production outside of Switzerland. And in accordance with the law of 2017, the placement of national symbols is not allowed on the packaging of products that do not meet the criteria for Swiss origin.

Now the famous chocolate company Mondelez International Inc. is changing the design of the mountain on the cardboard wrapper to a more simplified one so as not to break the law, according to a Swiss newspaper. Aargauer Zeitung (translation by Bloomberg).

Mondelez announced last year that it plans to move some of Toblerone’s production to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. “The packaging redesign features a modernized and streamlined mountain logo that matches the geometric and triangular aesthetic,” a spokesperson for Mondelez told the newspaper. Toblerone packaging will now list Switzerland as the place where the brand is based rather than where the product is made.

The Swiss Ownership Act, among other things, implies that the main work for the production of a Swiss product must be carried out in Switzerland.

Maria Fedotova


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