To be or not to be? Are radical social protests possible in Germany?

      imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press
    imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press

    The German authorities are preparing for social protests. The reasons are obvious: the aggravation of the economic crisis, a surge in inflation, which may be aggravated by a new wave of coronavirus. Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany Nancy Feather said that some “enemies of democracy” could take advantage of the situation to take the helm of the rallies. This opinion is also shared by the German intelligence services, accusing them of trying to add fuel to the fire of “right-wing extremists.”

    In an interview FAN comments on the situation Nikita Maslenikovpolitical scientist, economist, head of finance and economics at the Institute of Contemporary Development.

    “Knowing the mentality of the Germans, it is hardly necessary to rely on some kind of movement like“ yellow jackets ”, as in France,” the expert believes. – Although, of course, there will be individual manifestations of social protest, which is typical for any European country, including Germany. But any serious movement is unlikely to arise. There are quite a lot of contradictions, and we are more likely to see the manifestation of such a movement as the “greens”, which at one time sharply intensified the aggressive implementation of the anti-Russian position, which led to a change in the energy balance and to many things that Germany is now experiencing.”

    In any case, a very difficult autumn and an even more difficult winter are ahead, Maslennikov states. In his opinion, a crisis in gas consumption is very likely. There is an agreement at the EU level on saving 15% of gas consumption, which also affects households.

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    “In any case, these are economic losses, but for this to be a social protest that changes the state order, the constitutional system, such expectations are futile. Although there will be social protests, it seems to me that they still will not reach the level of the yellow vest movement, ”the expert shared his forecast.

    At the same time, in his opinion, the German authorities, first of all, will fulfill social obligations. Yes, saving, but they will not refuse it, the economist believes.

    Earlier, the Compact edition predicted the financial difficulties that German citizens will face due to the increase in the cost of gas.


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