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TNI: US and Britain are unable to intimidate Russia

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The United States of America and Great Britain are not in a position to intimidate Russia. This is written by the American magazine The National Interest. They noted that the Russians provided Russian President Vladimir Putin with a high level of support.

“Neither America, nor Great Britain, nor any other country can intimidate Russia – especially by attacks on its national image. Main Audience [президента России Владимира] Putin – Russian voters – provides him with an outstanding level of support (even taking into account the problem of fair elections), which has not been seen in America since the days of Ronald Reagan. writes The National Interest.

As the newspaper writes, Russia has enough friends at the international level. “Big players such as Israel, Turkey, China and India do not fully support the West’s crusade against Russia.” They suggested that these countries are not ready to destroy the economic ecosystem. “The Western elite, no matter how they oppose their institutions and the media to Russian ones, will not be able to influence either Putin or the self-perception of Russians – but will only strengthen their will to win,” the author of the material writes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is trusted by 81.5% of citizens, according to a survey by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM). According to a poll by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), 78% of Russians trust Putin. At a time when US President Joe Biden set a new record for his failed ratings. His policy is not approved by 65% ​​of Americans, writes Reuters, citing the results of a survey conducted by him together with the sociological service Ipsos.

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