Tkachenko about the UEFA ban: “For Russian football, it is terrible, dishonest, but not a disaster. Exclusion from FIFA will be a catastrophe – well, straight ######” – Football

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Agent German Tkachenko does not count the ban UEFA catastrophe of Russian football.

“For Russian football, this is a terrible, dishonest ban, but not a disaster. The catastrophe will be an exception from FIFA – well, right ###### (nightmare – approx.). This is not possible [допускать].

What is a FIFA ban? This is the return of three-fourths of the votes. And all these mongrels are small, Russophobic, well, who just now have gone crazy, they can keep this quarter, a controlling stake, so to speak, and we will never return.

What is it? The degradation of technology, the impossibility of transfers, the people who play in our championships cannot play in other championships, and so on. Well, that is, it’s downright sick, terrible [история]… And God forbid this scenario …

Therefore, football, I hope, will not stop. Because football is still a kind of image of the fact that society is alive, some kind of haven for avoiding problems with the release of positive emotions, ”Tkachenko said in Comment.Show.

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