Titov proposed to allow Kaliningrad carriers to fly across Russia without additional payment for trucks

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Boris Titov - 1920, 04/20/2023

MOSCOW, 20 April – Road carriers from the Kaliningrad region should be allowed to use trucks placed under the special procedure of a free customs zone (FCZ) for flights across Russia without additional customs payments, Boris Titov, the authorized representative under the President of Russia for protecting the rights of entrepreneurs, believes.
With such a request, he addressed the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, according to a press release issued by the Ombudsman’s press service.
Serious problems, according to Titov, for road carriers in this region a year ago, when from April 16, 2022, the customs services of the EU countries stopped admitting vehicles registered in the Russian Federation and Belarus to the EU territory (with the exception of certain cases of transportation).
Their owners, according to a press release, fell into a trap: it is impossible to enter the EU, theoretically it is possible to Russia, but for transportation within the country without restrictions, it is too expensive, taking into account the need to pay additional customs duties.
In order to save these carriers from ruin, Titov, as they say in the message, proposed to the head of government temporarily (until June 1, 2024) to cancel sanctions under Article 16.19 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“Failure to comply with the customs procedure”) for cars that have undergone a special customs procedure in the Kaliningrad region. .
“The situation of these businessmen is critical, so I hope that the government will be able to meet them halfway. Thus, business activity will continue, the influx of taxes to the budget. And in the conditions of” alternative logistics “these trucks will be absolutely not superfluous for the economy in the eastern direction,” Titov concluded.

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