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TikTok Threatens Legal Action Against US President Donald Trump: TikTok threatens to go to court against US President Trump’s order

Between America and China, there is a tantrum. In any case, America wants to dominate China. In this series, US President Trump has issued an order saying that if the parent company of China (ByteDance) does not sell the social media app TikTok, then it ceased operations in the US in 45 days.

Will go. Following this US executive order, China’s video app TikTok has threatened legal action. TikTok said, we will follow all measures available to us to ensure that the law is followed properly.

Tittock said that we treat our company and our users appropriately. But even then, if this is not done by the government, then we will have to take recourse to the court.

In fact, the reason for this turmoil is clear that US President Donald Trump has set a deadline of September 15 to ban TikTok in the country in case of not buying Microsoft or any other company. He has signed an executive order in this regard.

It may be noted that India is the first country to ban TikTok and WeChat. India imposed this ban citing national security concerns. India has banned 106 Chinese apps. India’s move was welcomed by the Trump administration and American lawmakers.

Trump had said in the executive order that the US should take aggressive action against the owners of TikTok for their national security. In another executive order, he said that America should also take aggressive action against WeChat for its national security.

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